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Uniform Socks Keep Life Simple

From kindergarten through high school, I spent my days in a skirt, blouse and girls tights. I went to private school and while part of me was jealous that I couldn't wear what I wanted everyday, I was, for the most part, pleased to be relieved of such a burden. I didn't have to waste time thinking about what to wear each morning. I already knew.

If you're part of the uniform crowd, you can purchase uniform socks from For girls, not only do you have the option of several different solid colors (including black, white, gray, red, navy, etc.), there are tights and knee highs as well. Tights and knee highs will be most comfortable on cold winter mornings. For boys socks, browse the section of dress socks to find both solid and argyle in shades of brown and tan, black, white, and navy.

It might not be as fun as picking out socks with racing cars on them, but at least both you and your child's mornings will be an easy one. There will be no fussing over what to wear. The only worry for you as a parent is to ensure your little one doesn't wear white socks with black pants! It's never too early to teach basic fashion principles.