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Trumpette Socks: Socks Without Shoes

Shoes are often the mortal enemies of babies. Okay, maybe not "enemies" per say, but babies feel much more comfortable with as few clothes as possible when they're crawling around the house. When my niece was younger, she loved to tug at her shoes –futile attempts to pull them off her feet. Why not give babies the satisfaction without sacrificing the look of a shoe? How do you do that? With Trumpette socks of course!

Trumpette socks are an adorable solution for babies, especially girls. What began as baby socks that look like a pair of Mary Janes has turned into quite the phenomenon. Now they look like ballet slippers and flats for girls. But what about the boys? Don't worry, we didn't forget about them. There are plenty of pairs that look like boys' sneakers. Babies will enjoy the comfort of shoe-free feet and parents can be satisfied with the look of shoes on their babies' feet.

Add some of these baby socks to your child's collection for those times when your little one just doesn't feel comfortable in teeny tiny shoes. You can find a large selection of Trumpette socks for both boys and girls at