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The History of Socks

Did you know that socks have been a part of clothing since the time of ancient Greece? That's right - Romans used socks to keep warm, except their version of socks was made of leather or pieces of cloth that were woven together.

Over the years, socks have evolved, and are not meant for just men only. We now enjoy socks for women, kids socks for girls and boys, and even baby socks. Never has there been so many designs and colors as there are now. The original design for adults and kids socks took a lot of time to make because they were hand-made. In 1589, the first knitting machine was invented, and adult and kids socks became produced on a  production line.

It even became more popular when nylon was introduced in 1939. This meant that adult and kids socks could now be combined with different materials, making them cheaper to manufacture. They also became less expensive, and easier to wash.

The latest addition to the kids socks line which you can buy from is the organic socks which is made of earth-friendly materials, which were naturally grown to avoid harming the environment.

Also, unlike  decades ago, the monochromatic kids socks are just one aspect of kids socks designs. There are now exciting character designs, colorful stripes, kids socks with lace and what-nots, and trendy designs for the not-so-young kids at heart.

Expect to go the extra mile to get you the latest in fashion and style for kids socks. You will find limitless number of kids socks to choose - long, short, thick, thin, colored, white, sporty or dressy. Since kids today are more selective and conscious about their looks and attire, even at a young age, the need to provide them with a lot of choices has become a necessity. If you want, think of it as a lesson in color coordination, design and comfort.