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The Fun of Mismatched Socks

I can't explain exactly how it happens, but after doing a load of laundry, the socks never seem to pair up right. There is always at least one sock missing from the bunch, but it always seems to find its way back to your drawer a week or two later. And it is because of these missing socks that many of us walk around with mismatched socks. Mismatched socks are frowned upon as you get older even though it shouldn't be! But it's practically expected when you're a kid.

As if wearing graphic kids socks weren't enough fun. Having two completely different styles is twice as awesome! But if you don't want to rely on a magical dryer that seems to eat left socks, you can actually buy mismatched kids socks at You can purchase them for both boys and girls, babies and young children. They come with three single socks, so you never have to feel limited it what you pair the socks with! Choose from fun colors and patterns and don't be afraid to mix them up with some adorable graphic socks.

When you shop at, these necessities can be fun to add to your wardrobe!