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The Dreaded Red Rings

You would think finding comfortable socks would be an easy task. How hard is it to make a quality sock? All you need is some durable cotton and a little craftsmanship and voila! But making excellent socks is apparently harder than it looks. We all have those pairs that start to tear after a handful of uses or the socks that don't keep our feet warm. I think the biggest sock offense though are those red rings you get around your ankle from the sock.

The red rings obviously mean the top part of the sock is a bit too tight and the blood flow to the area is restricted. It's fairly common and it's not the end of the world. You're not losing all circulation and I think the chances of you losing your foot are fairly minimal. But the red rings are still annoying nonetheless. Thankfully your kids are in luck because Blind Mice childrens socks took the time to solve this nuisance and created a soft top that won't fall down but will keep that blood flowing and the evil rings away. Now if only all childrens sock manufacturers could implement this genius idea it would be a perfect world.