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Teach Your Children How To Respect The Earth By Using Organic Socks

That's right, at, the strong message about organic socks is that by using organic socks, you help save the earth and avoid exposing your children's health to harmful substances.

There are two ways to teach your child why organic socks are the better alternative. One, the process is kinder to animals and plants, and two, you're supporting organic farmers, most of whom have small scale farms.

Here's are more details about organic socks that you're bound to find very interesting.

Use of Pesticides

Pesticides are being used on cotton plants and animals like sheep to protect the wool. The problem with pesticides aside from the harm it can do to the plants and animals, is that the pesticide can seep into the ground and contaminate our water. In the United States alone, the amount of pesticides used on sheep ranges between 12,000 to 14,000 lbs a year. For cotton plants, the number is much higher.

Organic Socks Are Not Chemically Treated

Traditional kids socks are soaked in chemicals to preserve and clean the wool or cotton before being made into kids socks. These chemicals are possible allergy triggers, and can affect the health of those who have sensitive skin, like children.

If you consider the advantages of kids socks that are made of organic material, you and your children will quickly shift to organic socks. Look at some of the benefits:

  • Organic socks can be moisture resistant. This means no more fungus that causes smelly feet or allergies from mold
  • Since no chemicals have been used on kids socks that are made of organic material, it will not catch fire like traditional kids socks. This is a major safety measure you will surely love about organic socks
  • Organic socks are made of natural material which means no allergies, no rashes, no irritation

Kids socks are an important clothing essential for children. It protects them when they run around and play by providing with extra padding and support. Now, with the new and very fashionable organic socks, you have the added advantage of caring for our planet, and animals.
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