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Socks for the Dinosaur Connoisseur

I've never understood it, but it seems every child goes through a dinosaur phase –both boys and girls. It's far more apparent in the boys, but kids in general can't get enough dinosaurs. When I visit the Museum of Natural History in New York City, the dinosaur rooms are chock full of little kids running around like crazy, getting so excited to see all the cool recreations. Most of us never grow out of that phase really, because dinosaurs are awesome.

So what can you give your little dinosaur connoisseur to make him happy? Well, besides lots of toys and a copy of Jurassic Park, when he's older of course, there are adorable children's socks with plenty of cool dinosaurs on them. actually sells a TicTacToe Dinosaur gift box that contains four pairs. Now he can have a new pair each day. We all know that when kids get into something, they really get into it and want every accessory they can find. The gift box is obviously a wonderful gift idea, but parents can enjoy the benefits of buying socks in bulk instead.

Look for other adorable patterns for boys' toddler socks. From trains to creepy crawlies to guitars, there is a graphic sock to please every little boy, no matter what he's into at the moment.