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Socks Made EZ

A lot of focus always seems to be placed on children tying their shoelaces for the first time. It's completely understandable though considering what a feat this is for young children. They deserve that feeling of accomplishment and pride in doing a task on their own. But what about putting on children's socks? Is that not an accomplishment too? I'd say a child dressing himself is pretty impressive! It's another small step towards maturity and adulthood.

You can make that task a bit simpler with EZ Sox. This adorable brand of children's socks makes putting on socks as simple as can be so your kids can learn very early on. Each sock has reinforced loops that allows kids to quickly pull up the socks onto their feet, offering a good grip that won't rip. Cute designs also show which side is the top of the sock –there are tons of precious designs to choose from. And since we all know kids have a knack for running around the home, the non-skid bottoms ensure your little one will stay upright! Seamless toes are also great for kids with sensitive toes.

Pick up a few pairs of EZ Sox for your kids and let them feel proud!