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Quality Socks and Tights for Great Prices always offers quality socks and tights for great prices, but don’t forget to check our clearance page periodically for the best deals. This month, we have a number of heavily discounted items, especially girls tights. You can get Jefferies Pima tights in any of our 20 color variations for only $8 a pair. Jefferies tights also come in organic cotton varieties for only $11 and capri styles in 11 different colors for just $7.50.

If solid colors aren’t your style, go for something a bit more loud and showy, like TicTacToe’s diamond stripe tights for only $9. They come in great, flashy color combinations like black and grey, orange and plum and pink, blue and green. Or try Jefferies Big Random Dot tights in fun, pink polka dotted color schemes of white, black, green and red. You can get them now for only $9.60

TicTacToe’s busy Multi Stripe tights can be yours for $9 while Jefferies sparkly footless girls tights are only $8.97. They come in glittery colors like gold, silver, plum and black. If you’re looking for something warm for the winter, look no further than Jefferies Tricolor Fuzzies childrens leggings. They’re soft and thick for cold, brisk Winter days and are now only $10.40. Take advantage of these great deals and get stocked up for the new year!