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Low Cut Socks for Spring

The North East enjoyed their first glimpse at spring last week with some very mild weather for the month of March. Although the 60-degree weather did not last long, we could not all help but be excited. Despite the mild winter we had, we're all mentally prepared for short-sleeve shirts and sandals. With that in mind, kids have to change over their wardrobes too. For girls, that means putting away the toddler tights. As we transition, they can utilize girls knee high socks, but those too will soon need to be packed away.

Both boys and girls should switch out any higher cut socks for low cut socks. Low cut socks will be much cooler, especially when paired with sneakers. Although some like to wear sandals every single day, there will be those times when kids want to run around and play and sneakers are a must have. At least with shorter cut socks, their feet will remain much cooler. Consider opting for the Puma socks we mentioned last time that wick away moisture and regulate temperature. Life in the summer is guaranteed to be a little sweaty, but at least you can combat it with the right pair of kids socks.