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Kids Socks and Sensory Issues

Many kids suffer from sensory issues when they are younger. Most of these problems they outgrow overtime, though some can carry through into their adult years. Still, it can be very frustrating for both the child and parent. An issue with socks is one of the most common kinds of sensory issues. It can be as small as them just finding itchy socks annoying to as large as them finding themselves anxious in putting them on every morning. But there are ways to fix this.

First of all, seamless socks are a sure fire way to keep that pesky seam off your child's toes and away from bothering them. This is usually one of the biggest issue a kid will come across. Instead, it'll be smooth and won't get caught between the toes or feel like it is pressing up against them in their shoes.

Another choice is going with very soft cotton. Organic is a great choice. Even this alone can only help though for some kids who might fear putting on washed socks that may be worn down by the wash machine. It may be smart to buy some socks in bulk, giving them fresh choices all the time and alleviating their fears.