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Keeping Kids Socks In Pairs

One of the most frustrating aspects of having socks, adult or kids socks, is the fact that at one point or another, one part of the pair is going to go missing. Has this happened to you? It will definitely happen to kids socks. This may be because they're tinier, and so easier to overlook. Your children might toss it in the wrong place, or it gets mixed up with your socks. It is also possible that it gets lost in the garden , in school, in the field - with kids, anything is possible.

How to keep the kids socks in pairs is always going to be a challenge unless you have a system. Here are some ideas you could adapt.

Try attaching them together when you toss them into the washing machine. You could do this by pinning them together with a safety pin, or putting them inside a washing machine net.

Have an organizer inside the kid socks drawer so that when you child changes his or her mind on the pair to wear, he can stuff the unused kids socks into a compartment. This way, you don't have a lot of loose kids socks scattered inside the drawer.

If you have separate sets of kids socks for different weather conditions, you could store the kids socks you don't need in clear plastic bags inside the kids socks drawer. This means less fumbling around for the right pair of kids socks.

Roll up the pair of kids socks and tuck one inside the other so that they are stored in pairs and not loose. It's easier to find, and easier to organize.

If you find singles, put them together in one compartment. This way, it's easier to find the match.

Storing and maintaining pairs with kids socks can be an aggravating experience, but here's the final idea, why not buy a lot of different designs at for special occasions, and one design of each kind of kids socks that is used for a specific purpose. For instance, if your child uses white socks for school or a sport, don't buy a lot of different designs of white kids socks. Just stick to one. When it comes to dress up kids socks, then you can go wild, and pick a lot of crazy, fun, and original designs. You'll find that has an amazing line- up of kids socks to choose from. Visit them today.