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Keep it Simple: Little Girls Love Tights

Itís a known fact; little girls love tights and leggings, especially graphic and printed varieties. It lets them show off their unique style and childish taste without having to wear a dress or jeans. Don't all little kids hate jeans? They can just be too stiff and too uncomfortable for them.

They're pretty useful for parents too. All you have to do is slide them on and go. With tights and leggings and a long tunic top t-shirt, there's no, "Mom, I don't like this dress, it doesn't fit right."

If your little one is of the rambunctious variety and likes to crawl around and play rough, then fine. Tights are perfect for that. Itís also easy to pack an extra pair of dressier tights in case she rips hers or has to go to a formal event.

On that note, tights are great for any occasion. Simple footless tights can look great paired with a skirt or dress. Printed or graphic fashion tights are useful for casual occasions, like school or play dates with friends. Let your little girl use her imagination and you'll find that a pair of tights or leggings can go a long way.