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Keep Feet Warm This Winter

January is rapidly approaching and that means the temperature is finally going to plummet. It hasn't been that cold here in New York, so far, but who knows what's in store for next month. Keeping children, and even yourself, warm is crucial during the winter. You can never have too many layers and that includes socks. Rather than purchasing thinner kids socks that you feel you have to layer, search for thick cotton socks that will keep toes toasty warm. 

Active socks may not look as cool as some of the graphic socks, but you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about layering up your socks. Girls who may be wearing tights with their uniform should consider throwing on a pair of socks over their feet when going to and from school just to keep extra warm. It's easy to slip them off before heading to class and they'll appreciate the extra bit of warmth.

On snow days, have your children wear thicker snow boots paired with cozy kids socks to prevent any frostbite. Don't keep them out there too long either and have them come in every so often to warm up. With a fresh pair of socks and some hot cocoa, they'll stay warm and happy.