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Jumpers and Leggings for a Messy Good Time

When we think about kids getting down and dirty in the muddy backyard, we usually give a heartfelt glance to our sons. But any rambunctious little girl will tell you she can handle the mess just as well, if not better, than the boys can. But maybe as a parent you don't want your daughter's new dress getting completely ruined. The solution? Dress her in a jumper and leggings and send her on her merry way.

A pair of leggings will not only look adorable with a jumper, they'll keep her legs warm when it's a bit chilly out. But the truly wonderful aspect of leggings paired with a jumper is that if she decides to make a mud pie, she can take off the jumper and she'll still be left with a shirt and leggings underneath. The jumper will remain clean and that will be one less item you have to soak in the wash to lift the dirt stains out! It's a comfortable solution for a messy problem.

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