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Jefferies Socks: A Popular Choice for All

One of the most popular brands of infant and children's socks is Jefferies. And they're not just popular on, they're popular everywhere. Like all good brands, they had humble beginnings. They were established in Burlington, North Carolina in 1937. They actually began with hosiery products for men and women. It wasn't until 1962 they opted to expand into the children's market. Word spread that their children's socks were not only great quality, they were designed well and affordable. Over the years, the children's market grew more than the adult's. Soon their socks were popping up in department stores, children's stores, and specialty chain stores. Today it continues to be the best selling share of the company. is proud to be a provider of these wonderful socks that have been delighting both children and parents alike. They carry infant, toddler, and children's socks, as well as tights for girls. You can find dress socks for holidays and special events, organic socks for the environmentally concerned, active for the athletes, and seamless for those who seek extra comfort. Kids will feel and look great knowing they have top quality socks. Of course, the parents might be happier about the quality than the children. The children just want to know they're wearing comfortable and cool looking socks.