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Great Weather for Knee High Socks

The weather has been extremely beautiful the past two weeks here in New York. Very unseasonable for March, but trust me, no one is complaining! Spring is the in between season when most are a little unsure how to dress. It's not quite time to fully break out the sandals and tank tops, but you don't want to wear too many layers and get warm.

For girls, now is a great time to enjoy knee high socks. Girls tights might be a bit too hot, especially when the temperature climbs to nearly 70 degrees. Even thin tights can be a nuisance to wear. Knee high socks will look adorable with skirts without being too hot. And even if you do get a little warm, just push down the socks. With so many cute patterns and colors from Kids Socks, girls can fill up an entire drawer and will always feel prepared for each outfit. Choose from solid colors, stripes, polka dots, or argyle for a more “uniform” look.

After a certain age, knee high socks just aren't as acceptable as they once were, so you might as well take the opportunity to wear these adorable kids socks as often as you can. Plus, spring is but a fleeting season and soon it will be too hot out. Stock up on these wonderful, comfy, and cute socks.