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Girls Tights vs. Knee High Socks

Oh what a dilemma for our young girls! When it's time to dress up, or put on their school uniform, they might be wondering if it's better to wear tights or girls' knee high socks. Although there is a time and a place for both, there are also times when either is acceptable. Firstly, if your little one is wearing a dress, she should always wear tights. Tights are better suited for dressier outfits. How crazy you let her get with her selection is up to you, and the the style of the dress of course. There will always be outfits that require ivory, white, or black tights. But when she's wearing something a little more colorful, you can let her get away with bright pink or purple tights.

If she's wearing a skirt, it can go either way unless the skirt is a bit more “formal.” If she's going to Christmas Mass, it's best to keep the pinstriped knee highs at bay. For more casual skirts, you might want to try footless tights for a more relaxed and playful look. Knee highs will always look cute with uniform skirts as well. In the colder months, tights might be a bit warmer –look for thicker cotton tights.

But there will always be little girls who just hate the idea of girls' tights all together and that's when you might have to give in and allow her to wear her cozy knee highs!