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Featured EZ Sox of this Month

This month,’s featured childrens socks are EZ Sox, the world’s first trainingsocks that make it easy for even very young children to dress themselves. EZ Sox was started by parents Eileen and Ronnie Gesser, who watched their own son struggle with putting on socks in the morning. They found socks can also be confusing to put on and difficult to pull up for young children still learning to use their limited mobility skills.

But the Gessers had an idea. They tried sewing on small loops to the tops of the child’s socks and drawing an animal face on the top of the foot so he’d know which way to orient the sock for his foot. Their idea was a success, and their child’s struggle with socks was over.

To the Gessers’ surprise, there wasn’t anything on the market that replicated their training socks, so they decided to make their own. They first created samples which they handed out at their son’s preschool. The other kids and parents loved them, as did the patients at various physical and occupational children’s therapy centers.

Soon, EZ Sox was born, a new idea to help in the daily necessity of putting on kids socks. Not only will your children love EZ Sox’s simplicity, they’ll love the fun animal designs that make putting socks on in the morning easy and fun.