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Dressing up Dress Socks

I know there are a lot of little boys and girls out there who really despise getting dressed up. For every one girl who loves putting on a dress for her recital, there are a dozen kids who find dress clothes itchy and uncomfortable. I was the latter. You couldn't give me enough cookies and treats, and other forms of bribery, to make me wear a dress. At least boys have it somewhat easier, donning a somewhat comfortable pair of pants and a shirt –as long as it's not too stiff. The only soft article of clothing kids won't fight you over are the kids socks. I've yet to come across a pair of itchy socks. Have you?

Instead of opting for the plain color childrens socks, choose argyle. Argyle socks are widely popular among adults, and we all know children want to grow up faster than they really should. Argyle socks will look great on your little one and he'll look just as stylish as his dad in them. If you're lucky he'll find them reason enough to put on the rest of the suit. Dressing up can be bad enough for many kids. At least let them have a little bit of fun with some adorable argyle socks.