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Dress Socks and Tights for Communion

Now that it is April, it is the season for young boys and girls to make their First Communion. This is a big moment in the lives of Catholics. It is yet another step affirming one's faith and participating in the rituals of the Mass. But one part of Communion that kids are either going to love or hate is getting dressed up. Girls will be wearing beautiful white dresses and boys will be in suits, some dressed all in white too.

Boys will need matching dress socks. If you've opted for the all white look, which is adorable on little boys, purchase white dress socks. With boys in white, they can match the girls plus it looks nicer for spring. You don't want them in an all black suit. Darker suits though will mean darker dress socks, which Kids Socks has plenty of. Girls should be wearing girls tights of course. Jefferies Floral Trellis Pantyhose are actually a wonderful option. The floral pattern is a nice added touch as opposed to just plain white. White tights will be a much better choice than a natural/beige color.

Dress your little ones appropriately for this momentous occasion and let Kids Socks help!