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Create Stunning Bouquets Out of Baby Socks

While it may sound odd, bouquets of baby socks have fast become one of the most popular gifts for a baby shower. While you can buy the ready made bouquets they are expensive, but with just a bit of patience you can make the same thing at home, for less!

Materials You'll Need:

  • Baby Socks
  • Girls Socks / Boys Socks (If you want to create larger flowers)
  • Floral or crafting wire
  • Green floral tape or clear tape
  • Two feet of one inch ribbon
  • Bud vase or Diaper Pins
  • Scissors

Selecting the Right Baby Socks

First of all you'll need to decide which color baby socks you want to use. Of course, if you know the gender of  the baby you can go with popular choices such as pink or blue but if you aren't sure then it's probably best to go with neutrals such as white, pale yellow or mint green. You may want to choose socks with lace trim as they'll give your flowers a lovely frilly trim. When selecting the socks you'll want to consider the texture of the sock. The easiest kind to work with are nylon socks but cotton socks will do.

Forming the Baby Socks Flowers

To get started unroll the socks you're working with. Lay the sock out flat and then roll it back up from the toe to the opening at the top. You want to roll up the sock at a slight angle. Once you reach the end of the sock, flip the end of the sock toward the toe part. You do this in the same way you would when you are matching and folding socks. Doing this with create a flower bud and if you use lace socks, you can pull the lace up around the edge of the bud.

Once you have formed your bud, you'll need to get your floral tape and wrap it around the base of the bud to secure it.

Using Girls Socks or Boys Socks

If you want to create different size flowers for your bouquet you can use larger toddler socks. Just select matching girls socks or contrasting boys socks to add into your bouquet. To create these larger flowers follow the same steps as above.

Arranging Your Baby Socks Flowers

Now that you've created your buds you'll need to insert a piece of crafting/floral wire through the middle of the sock and through the tape as well. The piece of wire should be long enough to allow it to stand in a vase. Alternatively, you can tape the buds to flat baby rattles and place them in a vase.

Once you've created your bunch of flowers use a piece of ribbon to tie them together in a bunch. Voila! You've created your very own bouquet of baby socks!