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Choosing the Right Boys Socks for Sports

Choosing the right pair of boys socks for sports is critical. Why? Recent studies have proven that the most common foot problem for athletes are friction blisters. Friction blisters are caused by a repeated rubbing of a material against the foot. The easiest way to avoid these is by choosing the right socks for your boys. So, how do you choose the right sports socks?

Blisters, Fabrics and Boys Socks

Well, before we discuss which boys socks are the best for sports, let's take a look at the factors that cause blistering. For a blister to form there has to be pressure, moisture and force. Obviously, when playing sports you generally have all three of these factors at work but how do socks prevents this and which kind of socks work best?

In a recent study by the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine, researchers found that athletes who wore socks that contained acrylic fibers had less and smaller blisters that those who wore socks made from cotton.

What they realized was that acrylic socks kept feet drier than cotton socks, thereby significantly reducing one of the factors that lead to blistering. Another reason they found for the higher rate of blisters for cotton sock wearers, was that, when cotton socks become wet, they tend to bunch inside the shoe. The bunching and wrinkling of cotton sockscan cause discomfort and added rubbing on the wearer's foot, creating yet another factor for blisters. After repeated washing, cotton socks also tend to wear out and become more abrasive on the foot. This natural wear and tear of the sock can lead to more wear and tear on the feet, meaning a higher likelihood of blisters.

The Best Boys Socks for Sports

So, what are the best boys socks for sports? Well, when choosing sports socks you don't need to worry about different kinds of socks for different sports. Rather, you should choose socks that suit the type of shoe that you are wearing.If your son is interested in cycling or running, then visit one of the specialty cycling or running shops as they'll have the right kind of shoes and socks available. You may find that ankle socks work better as they don't bunch as much as longer socks.

The main thing you should look for though is a well-made, acrylic sock as it will help keep feet dry and comfortable. Also, be sure that you kids bring their socks home after each use and that they are washed on a regular basis.

If you find that your kids are having trouble with excess moisture or perspiration, then you may want to invest in a foot powder or set up an appointment with a podiatrist. Also, should you child get blisters, it's important to ensure that they are treated quickly as they could become infected.