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Choosing Kids Socks

Socks are of the most important articles of clothing we wear and yet they are usually given the least thought. You might ask yourself, What's so important about SocksĀ. Plenty. Socks not only help absorb sweat, which prevents undesirable odors from becoming a permanent part of your footwear, they also prevent shoes from chafing and blistering feet. Wearing socks also helps prevent athlete's foot. All of the above points apply equally to adults and children. So, to ensure that your child doesn't develop any foot related discomfort, you'll need to ensure their little feet are protected not only with a good pair of shoes, but a good pair of socks as well. Not sure what to look for in kid's socks? No problem, just refer to the handy guide below:

Selecting the Right Fabric

It's critical when buying kids socks to take into account the type of fabric used. The fabric will have an impact on both the comfort and durability of the sock. Durability is especially important when buying both girls socks and boys socks, as younger kids are rough on Socks.

The most common fabric used for socks is cotton. Cotton is popular choice, especially in boys socks, because it is absorbent, comfortable and durable. However, cotton socks can also be bulky and therefore are not suitable for certain kinds of shoes. Aside from cotton, there are also wool socks, which while they do keep feet snug and warm, can be itchy and irritating to children. There is also a wide variety of acrylic fabric socks. Acrylic is lightweight and colorfast (which mean the dye in the socks won't wash out and dye your clothes) but they aren't always as durable as cotton socks.

It 's All in The Details

It pays to be detail oriented when finding the right kind of socks. Check the design and see if the pattern looks even and if the matches at the seams. This indicates a better made and hopefully more durable sock. Also, take into account any sensitivities or allergies to fabrics that your kids might have when selecting socks. Of course, choosing the right size is always important but if you aren't sure which size to buy, try to err on the larger side. That way if the sock doesn't fit at least your child will grow into it soon.

Once you have formed your bud, you'll need to get your floral tape and wrap it around the base of the bud to secure it.

Special Occasion Socks

If your child likes to play sports regularly, then you'll want to invest in some thicker style sports socks. There are also ankle length sport socks which your child may prefer. If your daughter or son in part of a wedding party or has a formal occasion, then you'll need a pair of dress socks. Dress socks should only be used when needed as they are generally more delicate and can't stand up to a lot of wear and tear since. Since they are often made with thin materials like silk and the girls socks are detailed with lace or beading, they usually need to be washed by hand or on a delicate cycle.

Seasonal Socks

Of course, depending on where you live you may need thinner summer socks or warmer winter socks. When it comes to girls socks there are a few different options including regular winter socks, knee high socks and girls leggings. Knee high socks are easy to buy since usually if you get them a bit big they just wind up longer than they usually would be. Some girls don't like the feel of knee highs and in that case, you might be better off with girl's leggings which come to the waist.